Celebrating Cape Culture

Upon docking in the Cape Town harbour, ancient mariners would blast their horns to announce their arrival – a sound that could be heard as far as the Paarl mountains. This call signalled the incoming of ships, inviting farmers from surrounding areas to mount their horse carts to go collect and trade. This gathering of diverse artisans is what we channel through our destination today – a collection of flavours and a celebration of Cape cultures.

Spice Route Artisans - Beer


Every artisan invited to be part of the Spice Route Destination community is handpicked and different. From chocolate making and beer brewing, to wine tasting, distilling and a taste from all corners of the world, the shared goal is to bring a unique strength and art to the whole collective while supporting each other’s individual trade.


To explore is to find the new through travel. There is so much to see and do at our destination, and our vision is to encourage all visitors to traverse the farm and experience their very own sensory journey of discovery, giving you the space and time to begin and end how you like.

Spice Route Explore Vineyard
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Tasting Passport

Spice Route Destination’s latest offering, its passport is a pocket-sized booklet. Retails at R210 per person. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The following Standard Tastings are included: Swartland Wine Journey, CBC craft beer, De Villiers Chocolate & Confectionery, Jowl’s traditional charcuterie and Wilderer Spirits tasting . These tastings can only be enjoyed once and is not exchangeable. Tasting reservations are required for 10 or more people. Less than 9 persons, no reservation required.

Year End Functions

Spice Route Destination offers an array of adventurous tastings and dining experiences. All the tasting venues and restaurants are within easy walking distance from another. You are encourage to explore the farm at leisure, enjoy the magnificent surroundings and views of the Paarl winelands.

Spice Route Explore Vineyard
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